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        Recent Launchpad blog posts

        • Bug emails now use the bug’s address in the From: header – 20 May 2020
          The From: addresses used by Launchpad’s bug notifications have changed, to improve the chances of our messages being delivered over modern inter email. Launchpad sends a lot of email, most of which is the result of Launchpad users performing some kind of action. For example, when somebody adds a comment to a bug, Launchpad sends […]
        • Launchpad news, March 2019 – July 2019 – 06 Aug 2019
          Here’s a brief changelog of what we’ve been up to since our last general update. Bugs Add basic GitLab bug linking (#1603679) Expect the upstream bug ID in the “number” field of GitHub issue objects, not the “id” field (#1824728) Include metadata-only bug changes in Person:+commentedbugs Build farm Filter ASCII NUL characters out of build […]
        • Launchpad news, February 2019 – 07 Mar 2019
          Here’s a brief changelog for this month. Build farm Allow dispatching builds with base images selected based on the pocket and/or using LXD images instead of chroot tarballs where appropriate (#1811677) Code Store bzr-svn‘s cache in the import data store Allow project owners to use the Bazaar branch rescan view Canonicalise expected rule ordering in […]
        • Launchpad news, July 2018 – January 2019 – 21 Feb 2019
          Here’s a brief changelog of what we’ve been up to since our last general update. Bugs Parse a few more possible Savane URL formats (#197250) Compare Bugzilla versions properly when checking whether they support the Bugzilla API (part of #1802798) Build farm Configure snap proxy settings for Subversion (#1668358) Support passing IMAGE_TARGETS, REPO_SNAPSHOT_STAMP, and COHORT_KEY […]
        • Launchpad news, June 2018 – 06 Jul 2018
          Here’s a brief changelog for this month. Bugs Handle Bugzilla.time() changes in Bugzilla 5.1.1 (#1774838) Cope with the comment author field being renamed to creator in recent Bugzilla versions (#1774838) Build farm Set the hostname and FQDN of LXD containers to match the host system, though with an IP address pointing to the container (#1747015) […]
        • Launchpad news, May 2018 – 02 Jun 2018
          Here’s a brief changelog for this month. Build farm Send fast_cleanup: True to virtualised builds, since they can safely skip the final cleanup steps Code Add spam controls to code review comments (#1680746) Only consider the most recent nine successful builds when estimating recipe build durations (#1770121) Make updated code import emails more informative Infrastructure […]
        • Launchpad now open source – 21 Jul 2009
          Get the code to Launchpad and join our development community.
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